Real Estate Buyers Tips

Buying: The Right Home

Family infront of cabin

Searching for your dream house is no easy job. Having a knowledgable, experienced real estate agent at your side can simplify the process. A real estate agent who is a member of a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) has access to thousands of homes for sale from many different real estate companies. This access gives you a much larger selection of homes to choose from compared to websites that aren't run by brokers or an MLS.

After learning of your specific housing needs, your agent can screen the homes, finding those most suitable to show you. This can save you time, money, and effort. Your real estate agent can also supply information on home values, taxes, utility costs, neighborhoods, and financing.

Now that you've read through this information, give me a call. Let me help you and your family find just the right home.

~Pat Lord
Broker / Owner