Real Estate Sellers Tips

Selling: Costs

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Anticipated costs of selling include the mortgage pay-off amount, any early pay-off penalty, the real estate broker's fee, other loans against the property (perhaps for a pool or room addition), the price of inspections, taxes, and other seller's costs. Your net profit can be estimated by subtracting these costs from the sales price. But, remember, this is only an estimate. Any change in the numbers or closing date will alter the final figure.

Tax Facts

If your lender charges a penalty for paying off your mortgage before its due date, the amount charged is usually deductible.

Homeowners may also qualify for an immediate deduction of many of these costs if the move is prompted by a job transfer to another city, and the costs are not reimbursed by the employer.

For further tax information, consult a tax accountant specializing in real estate matters in advance.

Your Closing Costs

Closing costs will vary from area to area. Your real estate agent can provide categories and the approximate amounts of settlement costs you will be expected to pay. These may include various fees and miscellaneous closing costs negotiated by the buyer to be paid by the seller.

Pest/Termite Inspections

In many states pest inspections and termite reports are required before a house can be sold. Even if these inspections are not state mandated, most lenders will require them. If termites are discovered they must be eradicated, and the proof documented. Inspection prices vary. Shop around for a good price, but use a reliable company. Check with your real estate agent about the laws in your state.